Image Ideas
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What your images can be used for

Advertising & Promotions
 Images should be used in every printed piece. Find the images that capture the essence of your event, and place it in advertisements, posters & postcards. Create souvenirs with your images. Use images for media press releases, and guides.

Sponsorship Enhancement
 Use images as a tangible gift to your sponsors. Images have a greater appreciation value then thank-yous and galas. Images will have greater impact on your sponsor when it comes time to approach them the following year.

Volunteer Recognition
 Community support by volunteers is crucial to the existence of your event. Photographs show your appreciation for their commitment to your event.

Documentation & Archives
 A reference guide to physical set-ups and historical achives. 6 months to a year later this is a great way to see how your event was laid out. Plus it is a way to document the history of your company or tribe for future generations to see how things have changed over the years.