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Village People 

Pow-wow Cruise

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Red Lake Benefit

10th NAMA '08

9th NAMA '07 

NAMA 9 Winners 

8th NAMA '06 

7th NAMA '05 

Brulé - NAMA 9 


Bill Miller 

Brulé Christmas Special '06 

Derek Miller 


Joanne Shenandoah 


Micki Free 

Moses Brings Plenty 

Motley Cruise 

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*Pow-wow Comedy Jam

Barack Obama 

Mayan Ruins (Tulum)

Gathering by the River 2005 

Pow-wow Dancers

Pow-wow Portraits 

*Senior Portrait


Professional Sports 

Youth Sports 

Museum Piece 

My Drawing 

Alpaca Farm 


Domestic Animals

Who's Reading NFIC 

NFIC Cover Designs